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Susan Roberts Trunk Show

Susan Roberts Trunk Show

A fabulous selection of the inimitable Susan Roberts canvases including holidays, animals, everyday, stockings...  Come and see!

March 2018
National Stitch In Day

National Stitch In Day

Join Linda and the elves as we stitch away the day.  Fun foods, fun friends, just plan fun!  Come for an hour or seven.  Bring your lunch or run across the street and bring it back to eat together.
Friday, March 30 10am-5pm

Julia Snyder and "Veronica"

The Holiday Party Girl in glorious bling.  Julia creates magic on this canvas with unique techniques including sequins, brick beading and plaid stitch.

April 6 & 7 10am to 3pm
Cottages by the Sea from Melissa Shirley & June McKnight

Cottages by the Sea with June McKnight

June McKnight animates this fabulous canvas with a multitude of stitches and fibers.  This is a 4 session class including, canvas, stitch guide and fibers.
June 16, July 21, Aug 18, Sept 29