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Tango & Chocolate Trunk Show

Tango & Chocolate

Who let the dogs out at OWD?  Tango & Chocolate paints a great line of dogs on seed packets, coffee posters and mistletoe posters

February 2018
Stitching with Sherry Bray

Stitching with Sherry Bray

Bring a canvas purchased at OWD and have Sherry work her stitch design magic.  Join a fun group of ladies for the 2 day workshop.

Limited private lessons available.
March 2 & 3 10am to 3pm.
"Veronica" the Holiday Girl from Julia Snyder

Julia Snyder and "Veronica"

The Holiday Party Girl in glorious bling.  Julia creates magic on this canvas with unique techniques including sequins, brick beading and plaid stitch.
April 6 & 7 10am to 3pm
The Fur is Flying

The Fur is Flying

Having trouble with fur?  Join Suzanne and Chris to dive into turkey work, basketweave on a stick, turkey work with sequins, and punch needle.  
February 24 1-3pm