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Old World Designs offers a wide selection of hand-painted needlepoint canvases, most are stitch painted (the paint covers the intersection of the warp and weft of the canvas precisely). If you do not find a canvas you are looking for on these pages, please contact us and we'll do our best to fulfill your heart's desire.  The canvases shown on the website may not currently be in stock, if this is the case it will take anywhere from 1 -10 weeks for us to ship to you.

PRICE DISCLAIMER:  We try to keep the prices on our website up to date.  But, if an artist increases the price to us, we reserve the right to increase the price of the canvas to our customers.  At times the price of a canvas that we receive from a vendor changes from the time we order it.  We never increase the price on our own, we increase only in response to an increase from our vendors.  Thank you for your understanding!





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City Skyline Mini Stocking from Julia's Needleworks


Cityscape 3" round by Lee


Classic Santa Stocking from Melissa Shirley


Cleopatra Angel from Painted Pony


CO Croakie from Kangaroo Paw


Coaster Hardware from Point 2 Pointe


Cocktail Coasters from Point 2 Pointe


Cocktail Lounge by Stephanie Stouffer from Maggie


Coco Chanel Perfume Bottle from Point of It All Designs


Coffee Shoppe by Patti Mann


Coffee Van by Patti Mann


Colorful Ovals Bag from Voila!


Compass Points 3" round by Lee


Contemporary Woman 3" round by Lee


Cook Nutcracker by Mary Lake Thompson from Melissa Shirley


Coral and Starfish on a Whale Shaped Sea by Kate Dickerson


Cornwall by Melissa Shirley


Country Santa Stocking from Melissa Shirley


Country State City Round Ornaments from Silver Needle


Cowboy Boots box from Funda Scully


Cowboy Claus Stocking from Melissa Shirley


Cowboy Snowman Stocking by Mary Lake Thompson from Melissa Shirley


Coyote Bar by Stephanie Stouffer from Maggie


Cozy Critter - Penguin


Cozy Critter - Red Fox from Burnett & Bradley


Cozy Critters - Polar Bear from Burnett & Bradley


Cozy Critters Pillow from Burnett & Bradley


Crab by Two Sisters


Crab from Colors of Praise


Crow with Top Hat by Scott Church


Cubist Star of David Tallis Bag


Daffodil Egg by Tapestry Tent


Dance with Me by Mile High Princess


Dandelions by Barbara Goodrich from Maggie


Day of the Dead Dog by Sundance


Day of the Dead Lady & Dog by Sundance


Dec 25 Patchwork Stocking from Patti Mann


Decorating the Tree Stocking by Alexa


Desert Dreams from Sundance + Stitch Guide


Detective Angel from Painted Pony


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