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Old World Designs offers a wide selection of hand-painted needlepoint canvases, and most are stitch painted (the paint covers the intersection of the warp and weft of the canvas precisely). If you do not find a canvas you are looking for on these pages, please contact us and we'll do our best to fulfill your heart's desire. Canvases shown on our website may not currently be in stock; if this is the case it may take anywhere from 1-10 weeks for us to order, receive, and ship to you.

PRICE DISCLAIMER: We try to keep the prices on our website up to date. However, if an artist increases the price to us, we reserve the right to increase the price to our customers. At times, the price of a canvas changes from the time we order it to the time it's received. We never increase the price on our own; we only increase in response to an increase from our vendors. Thank you for your understanding!



Canvas + Stitch Guide Combos

Canvas + Self-Finishing Kits


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Alpacas by Terry Runyan from Maggie


Altoids from Prairie Designs Needlepoint


Amaryllis from Jean Smith


American Flag California Style from HSN Designs


And to All a Goodnight Stocking by Mary Lake-Thompson from Melissa Shirley Designs


Antelope from Colors of Praise


Aqua Lime Butterfly from Zecca


Aquamarine Gem from Rachel Barri Designs


Aroma's Food Truck by Patti Mann


Artichoke from Jean Smith


Artichokes by Julie Mar from PLD Designs


Asian Rectangle by Mindy's Needlepoint


Asian Squares by Mindy's Needlepoint


Asparagus from Mopsey Designs


Auckland Map Pillow Kit by Hannah Bass


Auger Seashell from Susan Roberts


Aussie Bird 1 (Right) from Amanda Lawford


Aussie Bird 2 (Left) from Amanda Lawford


Australia Angel from Painted Pony


Baby Bunny + Stitch Guide from Stitch Style Needlepoint


Baby Chick Egg from Melissa Shirley Designs


Baby Picture Owl from Zecca


Baby Sleeping from Kate Dickerson


Baby Sleeping from Kirk & Bradley


Baby's First Christmas - Blue from KCN Designers


Baby's First Christmas - Pink from KCN Designers


Baby's First Christmas Angel from Painted Pony


Baby's First Christmas Ornament by Rebecca Wood


Baby's Sleeping Crayons from Winnetka


Back to School Santa (September) + Stitch Guide


Backcountry Boarder Ornament from Morgan Julia Designs


Bad Cat from Maggie


Bad Girls Have More Fun from Alice Peterson


Bagpiper Nutcracker Rollup from Julia's Needleworks


Bakery Angel from Painted Pony


Ballerina Candy Cane by Danji Designs


Ballerina Room from Alice Peterson


Ballet Tooth Fairy Box from Susan Roberts


Bar Cart - Celebrate from Morgan Julia Designs


Bar Cart - Christmas from Morgan Julia Designs


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