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Old World Designs offers a wide selection of hand-painted needlepoint canvases, most are stitch painted. If you do not find a canvas you are looking for on these pages, please contact us and we'll do our best to fulfill your heart's desire.  The canvases shown on the website may not currently be in stock, if this is the case it will take anywhere from 1 -10 weeks for us to ship to you.





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Bagpiper Nutcracker Roll Up from Julia's Needleworks


Bakery Angel from Painted Pony


Ballerina Advent Calendar Ornament from Renaissance Designs


Baseball Nutcracker Roll-up from Julia's Needleworks


Beach Santa Nutcracker Roll-up from Julia's Needleworks


Beatrix Potter's Jemima Puddleduck from Silver Needle


Beatrix Potter's Pigling Bland from Silver Needle


Beatrix Potter's Tom Kitten from Silver Needle


Beatrix Potter's Tom Kitten from Silver Needle


Bells Mini Stocking by Melissa Shirley Designs


Bewitched from Melissa Shirley


Big Horned Sheep from Shorebird Studios


Biracial Clauses by Raymond Crawford


Bird #5 from Sundance


Birdwatcher Nutcracker Roll-Up from Julia's Needleworks


Black, White and Red Bucket Bag from Clara Wells at HSN


Blue and White Scallop Shell by Lycette


Blue Bow Frame by Winnetka


Blue eyed Girl by Lani


Blue Willow Brick Cover door stop by Susan Roberts


Bombay Sapphire Bottle by Point of it All Designs


Book Classics on the Bookshelf from Alice Peterson


Border Collie Coffee Company from Tango & Chocolate


Breakfast at Tiffany's coaster from Melissa Prince


Brown Eyed Floral Girl by Lani


Buffalo by Charley Harper


Bunny Decorates the Tree Ornament by Rebecca Wood


Bunny mini stocking from Susan Roberts


Butterfly Brick Cover by Colors of Praise


Butterscotch Triple Chocolate Candy House by Susan Roberts


Cactus Garden 1 by Purple Palm


Cactus Garden 2 by Purple Palm


Cal Bears Angel from Kangaroo Paw


Cal Bears square from The Meredith Collection


Cal Ornament from Associated Talents


Cal Poly Square from The Meredith Collection


Candy Angel by Painted Pony


Carp Detail #2 by Shorebird


Cat Mini Stocking by Maggie


Celeste - Queen of the Elephants by Silver Needle


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