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Old World Designs offers a wide selection of hand-painted needlepoint canvases, most are stitch painted. If you do not find a canvas you are looking for on these pages, please contact us and we'll do our best to fulfill your heart's desire.  The canvases shown on the website may not currently be in stock, if this is the case it will take anywhere from 1 -10 weeks for us to ship to you.





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Cal Poly Square from The Meredith Collection


Candy Angel by Painted Pony


Carp Detail #2 by Shorebird


Cat Mini Stocking by Maggie


Celeste - Queen of the Elephants by Silver Needle


Cheri from Kate Dickerson


Cherries by Gayla for The Collection


Cheshire Cat from Silver Needle


Child decorating Moose from HSN


Children's Classics on the Bookshelf from Alice Peterson


Christmas Animals from Melissa Shirley


Christmas Cottage Ornament by Rebecca Wood


Christmas Cottage Stocking from Rebecca Wood


Christmas Eve Stocking from Rebecca Wood


Christmas Eve Town from Colonial Needle


Christmas in the City - Bringing Home the Tree by Renaissance Designs


Christmas in the Country -Bringing Home the Tree by Renaissance Designs


Christmas Sampler Stocking from Colonial Needle


Christmas Street Cable Car by Raymond Crawford + Stitch Guide


Christmas Time from Rebecca Wood


Christopher Robin from Silver Needle


Circus Elephant by Kirk & Bradley


Circus Lion by Kirk & Bradley


Circus theme frame by Colors of Praise


Circus themed Eyeglass Case by Colors of Praise


City Skyline Mini Stocking from Julia's Needleworks


Cityscape 3" round by Lee


Classic Santa Stocking from Melissa Shirley


Cleopatra Angel from Painted Pony


CO Croakie from Kangaroo Paw


Coco Chanel Perfume Bottle from Point of It All Designs


Coffee Shoppe by Patti Mann


Coffee Van by Patti Mann


Compass Points 3" round by Lee


Concha Round from BB Needlepoint Designs


Contemporary Woman 3" round by Lee


Cook Nutcracker by Mary Lake Thompson from Melissa Shirley


Coral and Starfish on a Whale Shaped Sea by Kate Dickerson


Cornwall by Melissa Shirley


Country Santa Stocking from Melissa Shirley


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