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Old World Designs offers a wide selection of hand-painted needlepoint canvases, most are stitch painted (the paint covers the intersection of the warp and weft of the canvas precisely). If you do not find a canvas you are looking for on these pages, please contact us and we'll do our best to fulfill your heart's desire.  The canvases shown on the website may not currently be in stock, if this is the case it will take anywhere from 1 -10 weeks for us to ship to you.

PRICE DISCLAIMER:  We try to keep the prices on our website up to date.  But, if an artist increases the price to us, we reserve the right to increase the price of the canvas to our customers.  At times the price of a canvas that we receive from a vendor changes from the time we order it.  We never increase the price on our own, we increase only in response to an increase from our vendors.  Thank you for your understanding!





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Just Married by Patti Mann


Kanga & Roo from Silver Needle


KAO Sorority with Kite in California shape from Kangaroo Paw


Keep Calm & Jingle On by JL Canvas Company


Kimono by Lani


Koi from Shorebird Studios


Koi Mini Bag from HSN


Lanterns from Kate Dickerson


Leopard Eyeglass Case from Colors of Praise


Let's Go to San Francisco from Bad Bitch Designs


Lightning Welk seashell from Susan Roberts


Lime Slice Candy House by Susan Roberts


Little Birdie Tree by Sundance


Little Red Car Advent Calendar Ornament from Renaissance Designs


Lobster Girl by Mile High Princess


Love Letter Purse by Rachel Donely


Lozenges and Initial Luggage Tag round from Colors of Praise


Mad Hatter Ornament from Silver Needle


Madge Round by Penny McLeod


Magical Santa Stocking from Melissa Shirley


Magnolia by Shorebird


Make up brushes round from Kelly Clark Needlepoint


Make up pencils round from Kelly Clark Needlepoint


March Hare Ornament from Silver Neecle


Merry Santa Stocking by Mary Lake Thompson from Melissa Shirley


Mikey Monkey from Little Shoppe


Moluccan Cockatoo from Shorebird Studios


Mr & Mrs by Mile High Princess


Mrs Claus does the laundry


Mrs Claus knits stockings


Mrs Claus puts baby to bed


Mrs Claus vacuums


Mrs. Claus bathes baby


Mrs. Claus chauffeurs folks


Mrs. Claus cooks dinner


Mrs. Claus exercises


Mrs. Claus irons


Mrs. Claus shops for groceries


Mrs. Claus walks the dog


Mrs. Claus washes the dishes


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