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Wild Animals

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Rainbow Bear from Jessica Tongel


Alligator Eyeglass Case (double sided) from Colors of Praise


Alpacas by Terry Runyan from Maggie


Animal Heads from Hello Tess


Antelope from Colors of Praise


Bears Stocking from Pippin Studios


Beaver by Scott Church from CBK Needlepoint


Big Horned Sheep from Shorebird Designs


Birds & Woodland Animals Stocking from Susan Roberts


Buffalo by Charley Harper


Buffalo Plaid Moose from Rachel Barri Designs


Bunnies and Hearts from Kate Dickerson


Bunny from Susan Roberts


Bunny Grimace from The Meredith Collection


Bunny in Snow Mini Sock from Susan Roberts


Camel from Colors of Praise


Cecil the Lion by Thorn Alexander


Child Decorating Moose from HSN Designs


Christmas Hedgehog from Kate Dickerson


Christmas Polar Bear from Raymond Crawford with Stitch Guide


Christmas Reindeer from Kate Dickerson


Circus Elephant by Kirk & Bradley


Circus Lion by Kirk & Bradley


Circus Themed Eyeglass Case (double sided) by Colors of Praise


Colorful Kangaroos from CBK Needlepoint


Coyote Bar by Stephanie Stouffer from Maggie


Cozy Critter - Penguin from Burnett & Bradley


Cozy Critter - Red Fox from Burnett & Bradley


Cozy Critters - Polar Bear from Burnett & Bradley


Cozy Critters Pillow from Burnett & Bradley


Dandelions by Barbara Goodrich from Maggie


Eleanor the Elephant from Thorn Alexander


Elephant Celebration from Colors of Praise


Elephant Decorating the Tree Mini Sock from CBK Needlepoint


Elephant for Advent Calendar by Renaissance Designs


Elephant from Birds of a Feather


Elephant Ornament from Morgan Julia Designs


Elephant Walk by Patti Mann


Elephants Brick Cover Door Stop by Colors of Praise


Elephants Eyeglass Case from The Meredith Collection


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