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Barbie Car from Rachel Barri Designs


Circus Parade Brick Cover Door Stop by Susan Roberts


Elephant in Boat Tooth Pillow from The Meredith Collection


Party Whale from Colors of Praise


Peter Pan from Doolittle Stitchery


Rainbow Unicorn from Susan Roberts


Tinkerbell from Doolittle Stitchery


Whale and Bird Tooth Pillow from The Meredith Collection


Alligator by Debbie Mumm from Melissa Shirley Designs


Baby Chick Egg from Melissa Shirley Designs


Baby Picture Owl from Zecca


Ballerina Candy Cane by Danji Designs


Ballerina Room from Alice Peterson


Ballet Tooth Fairy Box from Susan Roberts


Barred Owl from Zecca


Blue Bunny Toile from Kate Dickerson


Boat Whimsy from Colors of Praise


Brick Man from Mopsey Designs


Brick Woman from Mopsey Designs


Bunnies and Hearts from Kate Dickerson


Bunny Kiss from CBK Needlepoint


Carousel from Stitch Style Needlepoint


Castle Ornament from Lauren Bloch Designs


Charlotte's Web from Jessica Tongel


Cheri from Kate Dickerson


Chick Egg with Daisies by Mary Lake-Thompson from Melissa Shirley Designs


Chick Egg with Violets by Mary Lake-Thompson from Melissa Shirley Designs


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom from Jessica Tongel


Children's Classics on the Bookshelf from Alice Peterson


Christmas Ark Stocking from The Meredith Collection


Cindy Lou Who from Elm Tree Needlepoint Designs


Circus Boat from Colors of Praise


Circus Elephant by Kirk & Bradley


Circus Themed Frame by Colors of Praise


Cozy Critters Pillow from Burnett & Bradley


Crescent Moon Owl from Zecca


Daisy from Amanda Lawford


Dinosaur Mini Stocking from Kathy Schenkel


Easter Flat Car from Raymond Crawford


Elephant from Birds of a Feather


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