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Fruits & Vegetables

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Bowl of Oranges from Pippin


Yellow Pears from Jean Smith


Artichoke from Jean Smith


Artichokes by Julie Mar from PLD Designs


Asparagus from Mopsey Designs


Beets from All About Stitching


Bunny in Cabbage with Poppies from JP Needlepoint


Cabbage Coaster from Jean Smith


Cactus Garden 1 by Purple Palm


Dragon Fruit on Blue from All About Stitching


Dragon Fruit on Cream from All About Stitching


Framed Pumpkins from Raymond Crawford


Funky 3 Punkins by Machelle Somerville from Fleur de Paris


Funky Punkin #7 from Kate Dickerson


Give Thanks from Kathy Schenkel


Grapes Eyeglass Case (double sided) by Patti Mann


Green Pumpkin from Mile High Princess


Kumquats from Julie Pischke


Lemon from All About Stitching


Lemons from A Stitch in Time


OWD Ornament - Artichoke


Papaya on Cream from All About Stitching


Papaya on Pink from All About Stitching


Peaches from Melissa Shirley Designs


Peapods from All About Stitching


Pear Coaster from Jean Smith


Pears from All About Stitching


Pears from Jean Smith


Pomegranate from Julie Pischke


Pomegranate Woodblock from Renaissance Designs


Radish Coaster from Jean Smith


Strawberry Goldfinch by Vicki Sawyer from Melissa Shirley Designs


Strawberry Round by Patty Paints from The Collection Designs


Thanksgiving Harvest Blessings by Kathy Schenkel + Stitch Guide


Twelve Pomegranates from Pippin


Watermelon Coaster from Jean Smith