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So many creative ways to display and use completed canvases.  Let our talented fabricators make your vision a reality.


Class Projects

Decorative Accessories



Wearables & Carryables


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Penguin Stocking


Pilgrim Lady from Associated Talents - finished


Pilgrim Man from Associated Talents - finished


Pink "Faberge" Egg from Lee - finished


Pippin 12 Sailboats Pillow


Pippin 9 Crows framed by Deux Bijoux Bijoux


Pippin Christmas Crackers Finished


Pippin Little Black Dress Pillow


Pippin Pumpkins finished as a plaque


Pippin Tea Cups


Pumpkin from Sundance - finished


Pumpkin Scarecrow Treat Cone from Brenda Stofft


Puppy Dog Ornament from Melissa Shirley


Purple "Faberge" Egg from Lee - finished


R2D2 Limoges Style Box from Funda Scully


Raccoon Mischief


Rebecca Woods Chef Santa Stocking - finished


Rectangular Tote Bag


Reindeer Games Stocking - Finished


Reindeer Sampler from Birds of a Feather


Sailor's Valentine Tray - finished


San Francisco Santa from Strictly Christmas finished as a stand up


Santa Stocking finished




Santas of Spain and Italy from Kathy Schenkel


Shimmery Blue Whimsy & Grace Purse


Shorebirds Koi Pond Ottoman


Skiing Girl from Mile High Princess finished


Snow & Candy Canes finished Mini Stocking


Snow mini sock with snowman - finished (canvas by Kathy Schenkel)


Snowman Christmas Stocking from Melissa Shirley - finished


Snowman Stocking finished


Snowman Stocking for Carter from Renaissance Designs


Snowman Tray finished by Deux Bijoux Bijoux


Snowmen Pillow from Melissa Shirley


Squatty Santa from Strictly Christmas as an ornament


Stand Up Squatty Santa from Strictly Christmas


Stanford Ornament


Stocking Pillow 1


Stocking Pillow 2


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