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Decorative Accessories

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There are thousands of applications for needlepoint - from the traditional pillows and pictures, to bell pulls, stand ups, footstools, upholstered furniture, rugs and more.  Let our talented fabricators turn your stitched canvas into your dream.
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Pilgrim Man from Associated Talents - finished


Pink "Faberge" Egg from Lee - finished


Pippin 12 Sailboats Pillow


Pippin 9 Crows framed by Deux Bijoux Bijoux


Pippin Little Black Dress Pillow


Pippin Pumpkins finished as a plaque


Pippin Tea Cups




Purple "Faberge" Egg from Lee - finished


R2D2 Limoges Style Box from Funda Scully


Reindeer Sampler from Birds of a Feather


Sailor's Valentine Tray - finished


Shorebirds Koi Pond Ottoman


Skiing Girl from Mile High Princess finished


Snowman Tray finished by Deux Bijoux Bijoux


Tango & Chocolate Westie Seed Pack - finished


Three Blazes from Liz Goodrick Dillon - finished as a pillow


Walk Now Leash Holder


Whimsical Bird - framed


Will is Sleeping - finished (canvas by Patti Mann)


Yellow "Faberge" Egg from Lee - finished


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