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Backpack from The Meredith Collection - finished


Beach Tote Bag


Birds of a Feather Fox Trot finished as a pocket on a Tote


Carrot Tote Bag


Elegant Whimsy & Grace Purse - inspired by William Morris Compton


Frog Tote Bag


Green Sandals


Ho Ho Ho Purse from & More


Luggage Tag J finished by Hilltop


Mini Bag


OWD Hydrangea Tote Bag


OWD Shell Tote Bag


Paws for Claws from the Point of It All - finished on a tote bag


Rectangular Tote Bag


Shimmery Blue Whimsy & Grace Purse


Sunglasses Strap


Tote Bag with Cat Head from Maggie


Tropical Monkey Purse


Whimsy & Grace purse