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My Favorite Stitches by Hyla H. Hurley

The perfect book for a beginning needlepointer.

Subtitled Quick Reference Guide for Needlepoint Stitches, this little red and white spiral bound book has a few of Hyla’s favorite stitches in it, graphed out for you. They include left and right handed Continental, left and right handed Basketweave, Double Basketweave, Slanted Gobelin, Encroaching Gobelin, Vertical Brick, Horizonatal Brick, Parisian Embroidery, Hungarian Embroidery, Mosaic, Diagonal Mosaic, Scotch and two variations, Cashmere, Diagonal Cashmere, Milanese, Byzantine, Jacquard, Diagonal Scotch, Knitting, Long-Armed Cross, French Knot, Dotted Swiss, Hyla’s Turkey, Everybody Else’s Turkey, Fern, Lattice Jacquard, Darmstadt and Satin Stitch.