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Stitch Instruction

At Old World Designs, we often get questions about stitches. The most common questions are 1) how to basketweave, 2) how to use a laying tool, and 3) how to do turkey work. If you live nearby, come on in and ask, or even better, sign up for a class. YouTube is also a great source of instructional videos, and we've provided some of our favorites here, along with additional stitch instruction videos from our team.

Another helpful resource is our FIBER CHART, which gives guidelines for the number of ply to use of a given thread based on canvas mesh size.

Basketweave Stitch

Using a Laying Tool

Turkey Work Stitch

Braid Stitch - June McKnight

Pumpkin Tops: Braid Stitch in Action - June McKnight

Mosaic Stitch Variations - Carolyn Bradford

Bullion Knots, Real and Faux - Suzanne Attenborough

Turkey Work - June McKnight

Stitches for Snow - June McKnight

Spill the Beads: Bead Work - June McKnight & Suzanne Attenborough

Choosing the Correct Stitch - June McKnight

Berries, Balls, and Baubles - Suzanne Attenborough