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Tango & Chocolate Trunk ShowTango & Chocolate

Tango & Chocolate Trunk Show February 2018

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Susan Roberts Trunk Show

Susan Roberts Trunk Show March 2018

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Doris Gustafson Trunk Show

Doris Gustafson Trunk Show  
May 2018

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Melissa Shirley Trunk Show  June 2018

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Pippin Trunk Show

Pippin Trunk Show  July 2018
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The OWD Retreat in September will be Pippin - buy now and get a discount!

Kimberly Ann Trunk Show

Kimberly Ann & Voila! Girly Trunk Show  August 2018

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Mary Englebreit Trunk Show

Mary Englebreit Trunk Show 

September 2018

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Brenda Stofft Trunk Show

Brenda Stofft Trunk Show  October 2018

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Susan Treglown Trunk Show

Susan Treglown Trunk Show  November 2018

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Kirk & Bradley Trunk Show

Kirk & Bradley Trunk Show  December 2018

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Walker Bags Trunk Show November & December 2017
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Julie Mar Designs

Julie Mar Trunk Show January 2018

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