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Trunk Shows


September 2023: Mindy's Needlepoint Designs


This month we're featuring the colorful canvases from Mindy's Needlepoint Designs.
Stop by the shop to check out our inventory, and visit the Mindy's website to see the full line.

20% discount on all trunk show canvases. 

2023 Trunk Show Schedule

January   Julia's Needleworks - Nutcrackers
February   KCN Designers
March   Ditto!
April   Needlepoint Accessories 
May   Pippin Studios
June   Silver Needle
July   Ann Kaye Studio, Elizabeth Crane Swartz
Stitch Rock DesignsStitch Style
August   Penny Linn Designs
September   Mindy's Needlepoint
October   Kirk & Bradley
November   Raymond Crawford
December   Melissa ShirleyDanji-CH Designs

Preliminary 2024 Trunk Show Schedule

January   Mile High Princess
February   Amanda Lawford
March   Hedgehog Needlepoint
April   Alice Peterson
May   Kathy Schenkel
June   TBA
July   Maggie Co
August   Mopsey Designs
September   Fire and Iris Designs
October   Pippin Studios
November   PLD Designs
December   TBA