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727 Santa Cruz Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Mon - Friday, 10am - 5:30pm, Saturday, 10am to 5:00pm


Pointe 2 Pointe Trunk Show

Point 2 Pointe Trunk Show 
September 2019
Visit Point 2 Pointe website

New Artists Trunk Show

New Artists Trunk Show  October 2019
Rachel Donley and Hannah Bass

Come and see what's new in the needlepoint world! 

Birds of a Feather Trunk Show

Birds of a Feather Trunk Show  November 2019

Visit the Birds of a Feather website

Kirk & Bradley Trunk Show

Kirk, Bradley & Burnett Trunk Show  December 2019

Visit the Burnett & Bradley website

Visit the Kirk & Bradley website


The Meredith Collection Trunk Show

Meredith Collection Trunk Show  
February 2020
A wonderfully diverse collection of designs.
Visit the Meredith Collection website

Zecca Trunk Show

Zecca Trunk Show 

March 2020

Visit the Zecca website

Pippin Trunk Show

Pippin Trunk Show  
May 2020
Visit the Pippin website

New Artists Trunk Show

New Artists Trunk Show June 2020

Visit the Walker New Artist website

Rebecca Wood Trunk Show

Rebecca Wood Trunk Show  
October 2020

Visit the Rebecca Wood website

Raymond Crawford Trunk Show

Raymond Crawford Trunk Show  
November 2020

Visit the Raymond Crawford website

Melissa Shirley Trunk Show

Melissa Shirley Trunk Show 
December 2020

Visit the Melissa Shirley website

Jean Smith Trunk Show

Jean Smith Trunk Show  
August 2019
Visit the Jean Smith website

Whimsy & Grace Trunk Show

Whimsy & Grace Trunk Show 
March 2019

Visit the Whimsy & Grace Website

Kimberly Ann Trunk Show

Kimberly Ann & Voila! Girly Trunk Show  August 2018

Visit the Kimberly Ann Needlepoint website

Visit the Voila! website


Kate Dickerson Trunk Show

Kate Dickerson Trunk Show April 2018

Visit the Kate Dickerson website